Candid Wedding Photography

Nothing is more beautiful than Fat Indian Weddings. Right from the enlightenment of yellow to the seduction red, weddings are just so colorful. Lots of smiles, shyness, fear of the scarred bride and Excited groom, with those naughty cousins to the food, drinks, dance, music and all pretty faces in their lehengas along with the handsome ones in sherwani’s lined up to pose for photographs. What do you need other than a professional wedding photographer and what do we need other than an excellent poser. With mixed emotions, Indian weddings are the hub of candid photography and the outcome is a treasure of beautiful visuals. Book your slot with the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad and get your colorful edition now!

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Indian Wedding Photography and its timeless appeal

No event is more delightful to watch than an Indian wedding, with the guests and couple attired in vibrant costumes in a riot of colours and the priceless traditional customs. We all love watching the rituals being conducted, the people clad in Sherwanis and lehengas, and the frenzied dance to the foot-tapping numbers belted out. We do not want the event to end and would love to capture the priceless memories forever. There is no better way to store these once in a lifetime moments than to get them preserved in beautiful albums by professional wedding photographers.

Timeless memories through candid wedding photography

If you want a professionally-created treasure album of those memorable moments, you need to hire the best wedding Photographers in Hyderabad. With changing times, candid wedding photography has become the in thing rather than the old stereotype wedding photography albums. Marriage photography has become more about capturing the wedding couple and relatives or guests unawares during those special emotional moments.
Traditional wedding albums were predictable with bride and groom posing conventionally as per the photographer’s suggestions. But, with the increased popularity of reality television shows, Candid Wedding Photography has become the accepted norm. People now look forward to viewing wedding albums to get a glimpse of those candid, emotional or funny moments captured when you were unaware of the camera. These moments take the album to an entirely different level enabling you to relive those memories and providing entertainment to the entire family.

Choose your wedding photography package

You can choose from among the different Wedding photography packages as per your requirements. There are budget Wedding Photographers who will consider your financial constraints and offer customized plans to match your needs. Indian weddings are elaborate affairs, and so special packages are tailor-made covering events like the Mehndi rituals, Sangeet parties, the engagement ceremony, pre-wedding photo-shoot, Haldi ceremony, and all traditional rituals to the reception after the wedding.
The professional Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad are experts in all types of Indian weddings from Hindu to Sikh nuptials and others. They are adept at various camera angles and know all the significant occasions to be captured. They make every effort to make the couples and their families happy by capturing every single memory in beautifully designed wedding albums.
The photographers use creativity to capture each wedding moment to make them more memorable. They use appropriate foregrounds and backgrounds and employ reflectors to make proper use of the available light conditions. Such amazing lighting methods and some innovative post-production, enable the photographers to create fabulous images for your wedding album.

Life-like portraits of the bride and bridegroom

No wedding album is complete without capturing the bride and groom in their fabulous wedding outfits. The professional wedding photographers take photos of the groom in his traditional marriage costume and bride in her Indian bridal attire. The expert photographers ask the bride and groom to pose together and separately amid various backgrounds to create a collection of fantastic scenic and intimate images that have a timeless appeal.
Another essential component of Marriage photography is the night-time portraits of the couple taken in romantic settings utilizing the glittering lights and the beautiful sky as a background to create memorable images.

Top-class Wedding photography to capture those memorable moments

The expert wedding photographers in Hyderabad provide you with the clearest, high definition images with the latest digital cameras. The look of your albums will be out-of-this-world with high-resolution and embossed images to provide a true to life experience. Along with candid Wedding Photography, they will also add conventional photography in between to give it a classic, timeless appeal.

Innovative use of colours

Wedding photography is all about capturing the various vibrant colours in Indian weddings using appropriate techniques. The expert wedding photographers in Hyderabad will utilize the best methods like HDR photography to flash photography techniques and capture the amazing colours, action, and emotions at your wedding. They avoid using traditional techniques like fading or desaturated processing methods unless it is essential. They focus on methods that will bring out the beauty of all the colours in a scene.

The ‘Baraat’ – the liveliest part of Indian weddings

The professional wedding Photographers in Hyderabad know that the Baraat is one significant moment of an Indian wedding. It is a much-anticipated event full of exciting moments and is something that cannot be missed. The wedding photographers prepare themselves well to do justice to the occasion and record those lively entertaining moments creatively. They use the best camera angles and lighting methods to capture the groom riding in horses or sometimes even other creative ways like on majestic elephants.
This is the occasion where candid wedding photography is at its best and takes in all the moments like the frenzied dancing to the live music belted by the professional band. All the interesting scenes are captured, like each dancer trying to outdo the others with their dancing skills.

The Magic of the Varmala Ceremony:

Right after the baraat, the photographers move to click the meeting of the groom with the bride’s mother, who welcomes him with an ‘aarati’ and applies ‘Tilak’ to ward off evil eyes cast upon him. At the mandap, the wedding photographers take images of the bride trying to garland the groom while fighting off the playful resistance from people on the groom’s side.

Tying the Mangalsutra – capturing this most significant ceremony

This is the most important stage in marriage photography, and the expert cameraman takes the most strategic positions to capture this memorable moment. With his experience and using the best camera angles, the photographer clicks the groom tying the three knots while reciting Vedic mantras as he places the auspicious thread around the neck of his bride.

The grand finale – the wedding reception

The professional Wedding Photographers anticipate each memorable reception moment and use their skills to capture them creatively in the best possible way. They take photos of all the candid emotional or funny moments and the various reactions of the groom and bride while greeting the guests on the stage. The photographer captures the final moments of the grand event by clicking all the guests as they pose with the bride and the groom.
The professional wedding Photographers in Hyderabad capture every beautiful detail of Indian weddings to enable you to relive those moments later and enjoy them through the fantastic images in the wedding album.