Event Photography

To carry out an event is no lesser than giving birth to a child, raising them, educating them, getting them married and then sitting in relief. The feels after the event finishes are no lesser than that. Each moment right from a child's birth to their marriage is a beautifully capturable scenario. Likewise, In an event, there are numerous activities and numerous activities give numerous eye-pleasing results. The effort that the entire event team puts to get things at the place is only visible in the picture recreation of it. Every event needs an expert cameraman to capture you in your action mode. Don't wait, create!

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5000 /-
  • Candid Photographer
  • 10 Retouch Photos
  • Outdoor Locations
  • 4 Hours Coverage
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8000 /-
  • Fashion Photographer
  • 15 Retouch Photos
  • Outdoor/Indoor Location
  • 4 Hours Coverage
  • 30 Edited Soft Copies
  • 20 Sheets Photo Album


20000 /-
  • Traditional Photographer
  • Traditional Videographer
  • Candid Photographer
  • 6 Hours Coverage
  • 50 Edited Soft Copies
  • 30 Sheets Photo Album
  • Event Teaser Video & Full Video(FHD)
  • View Your Albums Online

1)All the above displayed prices are for sample of 100 guests for estimate only.

2)Actual quoations may vary depending upon the clients exact requirement.

3)Terms and conditions applicable