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Everyday the lady who laughs, who cries, who smiles, who yells, who urges, who sacrifices, She is the goddess of every house! She is our mother. Mothers acquire a very special position in our hearts and so do her child does in her heart. This Maternity photography celebrates 9 months of pain, love, eagerness, emotions, mood swings. These Maternity photographs are the best memories given to any mother. In the world where everybody is selfish, it is the only mothers who are selfless and Maternity photography celebrates the entire phase of maternity. Record your selfless phase of life with MY MEMORY MAKER!

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Why My Memory Maker for Pregnancy Photography?

Pregnancy is a special and unique time of excitement and anticipation in one's life. It's a time when your body transforms to accommodate a newborn baby. Here at My Memory Maker, We believe the miracles in life deserve to be celebrated. The Maternity photography session is such a great way to remember these amazing moments in your life that passes so quickly. We aim to capture the magic and love of this wonderful time by making you feel beautiful, comfortable, and secure during an intimate session.

With over more than 5 years of working experience as professional photographers, Our maternity photography sessions are always about simplicity and style. Being Self-learn artists we experiment with light, and We’d love to create unique portraits just for you with classic and artful lighting including elegancy in editing the images.The Maternity portrait sessions are held in lush-green grounds over various parts of Hyderabad in a relaxed environment to create stunning, intimate images. With a team of Experienced Professional Photographers specialized in Maternity Photography, We take the time to perfect poses, ensuring you look radiant during this special time.

As a guide, it’s best to reserve a session when you are between 28 - 30 weeks pregnant and schedule your portraits when you are roughly 32 - 35 weeks, just in case your little person decides to enter the world sooner rather than later. Sessions take approx 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the packages you choose. If you are due to have your little bundle soon and have just discovered my website, please get in touch, We’ll do my best to schedule a session before your baby answers his attendance at the hospital!

People often ask “what should we wear during my maternity photography session?” We’ll let you know more about this once you reserve a session with us, we can discuss and plan the outfits couple of weeks before you arrive for your portraits. We adore creating stylish, tasteful images of the female form, it’s a specialty and something We’ve spent many years perfecting. Over an extensive range of custom maternity Props and flower crowns that are at your disposal during the Photoshoot session. Our packages offer great value and include softcopies along with the hard copies too.