Candid Wedding photography in Guntur

Looking for Photographers in Guntur, My MemoryMaker is ready to help you out here!

My MemoryMaker is a Guntur based company providing Photography services under various categories for the people looking for Birthday Photography, Event Photography, Wedding Photography, Kids Photography, Portfolio shoots and many more...! My MemoryMaker offers wide range of customized packages depending upon the actual requirement of the clients as no two events occur in a same sequence with same traditions. Our packages are specially designed in cost cutting the unnecessary requirements and providing a best possible quote to the clients. We serve in all the major localities in Guntur and even other cities all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana upon client’s requirement and reliability. Our skillful professionals are well experienced in the field of Photography and Cinematography and are special trained to deal with the peak moments in the events in a right way to get the best possible output.

Data Management & Data Security:

Generating the best output is on one hand while maintaining it is another! Out of utmost care taken to secure the date the success rate doesn’t reach 100 with any Professionals. This is one of the major issue world is facing in current day. However, we have a dedicated data management team who strive hard to secure your data and deliver you on time. We are happy to announce that we use Separate External HDD for every event we cover. We also deliver you the album softcopies through our servers directly with a QR Code after your event where you can retrieve them directly from our Application and share with your friends and family easily.

Photo Albums:

My MemoryMaker provides the best set of HD Albums & Premium UHD Albums which are digitally designed by the best in class experts to create the moments in a sequential order by using various Editing tools. The Regular Non-Terable HD album sheets comes with smudge proof laminations which will stay for long life and are waterproof, they come in Glossy, Matt, Velvet finish. The premium UHD Albums comes with the 7 Color printing technology to print the moments as lively as possible with a color guarantee of 100years, these come under Glossy, Matt, Satin finish to feel more lively. Touching the senses with prints that stand out in a form with Embossing Technology of the sheets like never before. Get embossing’s on every photobook for absolutely free.

Customer Support:

You Can reach us at +91 - 8686 365 365 at call from 10am-7pm, on WhatsApp round the clock or write to us at [email protected]

On-time delivery:

Late Delivery of the albums and Videos after the events from the photographer is one of the major issue faced by Clients. This occur due to the insufficient staff with them. Now this can be overcome with My MemoryMaker. If We could not deliver the albums and videos by the promised time we will definitely Compensate by providing the discounts on bill from 5%-25% depending on the delay of delivery.