Whenever we have a special event, photography helps us to capture those special moments and keep them safe with us. The concept of photography is much celebrated through the World Photography Day. World Photography Day is a awesome celebration of the science, techniques, art and concept of creative photography, that gives you a celebration of images for the eyes. World Photography Day is on Monday, August 19th, 2019. This is much awaited day and surely something to be a part of. From 19th century, the concept of photography is evolved from an always evolving and ever increasing freedom of expression. Photography in olden days was restricted to mere family and passport size photographs, but today it’s completely expressive and creative. Photographers have travelled their journey and evolved their art of expression through cameras every time.
A photograph is an idea, memories, celebration and life journey. Every photograph is a treasure of memories and the new one is the reflection of change in the past and advancement in the future. Photographs convey concepts in a very effective manner, rather than words and deeply touch the hearts of the people. A photograph is also a medium to make people understand the vision of the photographer and get connected to the reason for capturing it.
Photography has the ability and the power to capture the place, moment and expression. Its art of expression is creative nad ever refreshing. When we see a photograph, we really understand the beauty of the place and the person. Beautiful photographs can make the most ugly things look creative and different.
Let us celebrate this beautiful art of photography that is ever a part of every aspect of our life. Awaken the photographer inside you and capture the nature with the camera. Lets bow and appreciate this art on the wonderful day of World Photography Day!!! Join the World Photography Day celebration, this August 19th. Go out and capture a moment. #WorldPhotographyDay www.mymemorymaker.in